All Star Rock School ‘in school’ sessions launch
Posted on June 29, 2021

When a school in Ipswich wanted an injection of fun and self-confidence for its pupils, All Star Rock School was the perfect solution. Here’s how our team got full marks from The Meadows Montessori School.  

The Meadows Montessori School is an independent day school for children aged 3 to 16 in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Headed by Sam Sims, the school prides itself on its ‘whole child’ Montessori ethos of focusing on children’s well-being and happiness, with the motto “small school, enormous opportunities.”

After a long period of lockdown, Headteacher Sam Sims wanted to do something fun and confidence-boosting with her pupils, and All Star Rock School were more than happy to help with a private All Star Rock School experience.

The private Rock School experience

Ahead of the VIP music day with our team of professional tutors, each child selected their favourite musical instrument, and we grouped teams according to age, instrument and experience.

In a series of one-hour interactive sessions throughout the day, our tutors taught each group an iconic rock track, ready for a high octane live band performance on stage at the end of each session.

The Headteacher’s report – Sam Sims

“We were looking for something special to do with the children to celebrate World Music Day and saw All Star Rock School online. After an initial chat, we worked together to design a programme that would offer a musical experience to all our students within a budget that worked as an enrichment program with a small contribution from parents.

“We have some children who we expected would not want to participate, but the team from All Star Rock School expertly engaged them and had every child performing on the stage during their session.

“They carried every child of every ability level along with their enthusiasm for the children’s experience. Some children had never picked up an instrument and were performing by the end of their hour session, the benefits this has given their confidence is immeasurable.

“The team were so engaged; every child got their attention and every session felt as fresh as the first.”

School report 10/10:

“It was truly one of the best things we have ever done!  Amazing day – fantastic four tutors – just brilliant!”

“The team were fab.  From the first contact, I was confident that it was going to be a good day.”

Polite, keen and very ‘cool’ (as the children said!). Managing the vast age range from 3 – 16 years is a fab skill!!!”

“The children had the best time ever.”

“Honestly – I would so recommend you to anyone!  Thank you for enabling this to happen in our small school!”

Enrichment Music Sessions