Gain Confidence Performing in a Band
Posted on January 3, 2020

Gain Confidence Performing in a Band

Sat in your bedroom, playing your guitar alone?

Have you got the voice to be a great lead singer but no one to perform with?

Think you should be doing more with your music?

Learning to play a musical instrument or hit the right notes at the right time is just one step towards musical immortality. The next stage is to get a band together. That’s a whole new challenge in itself!

We help budding musicians and singers come together and learn. Maybe you already have a band but need to practice with a trained tutor. Or you want to be in a band but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you just have an urge to learn how to play a musical instrument. We can certainly help.

The Benefits of Performing in a Band

Even Oasis, the Rolling Stones and Mumford & Sons had to start somewhere. They didn’t come onto stage for the first time fully formed. Performing in a band is exciting and even a little terrifying but it also has some enormous benefits.

1. Grow Confidence

It’s amazing when we get a band together and start helping them to develop, how their confidence begins to blossom. Kids who have previously been strumming away on their guitar alone or singing in the shower become a lot more focused.

Playing as a band involves developing a whole new skills set. You need to keep in time and listen to what other people are playing. You have to make sure you hit the right notes at the right time. For many of the kids we see, that step up to the next level really does cement their love of music and enthusiasm for learning more.

2. Working as a Team

As a band, you are no longer a single entity but essentially a living organism with separate parts that all have their own function. You need to work together and that’s a really important life skill to learn.

Progress can be slow to begin with but as you get to know each other better and understand your own roles it becomes a lot easier.

3. Build Your Social Skills

Playing in a band is also a social activity. You may have a common cause in music but you could be from vastly different backgrounds. For a start, you’ll learn to communicate your own ideas and develop the listening skills that will be important throughout life. You’ll hopefully also learn to respect others and discover new ideas and points of view.

4. Have Fun with Music

The one thing we haven’t mentioned is that performing in a band is really great fun. You can spend hours learning the cords for a particular song but there’s nothing better than riffing with friends and creating new music or actually performing on stage.

There’s no limit to what you can achieve and the chance to be creative is one of the most fulfilling parts of developing any band. Once you have performed your first live gig, however, that fun is going to grow exponentially.

5. Learn to Play Different Instruments and Develop your Musical Skills

One thing we also find when bands come together is that they start to experiment more. Someone will learn to play another instrument, kids will start to teach each other. The development of a wider range of musical skills certainly means that your band will become more accomplished. You will collaborate with each other and begin to develop your own identity.

We can help you get your band together and provide tuition in live performing and can even help you organise gigs. If you’d like to find out more, contact our friendly team today.

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