Music Lessons are the perfect Christmas Gift
Posted on November 25, 2019

The Perfect Christmas Gift? Rock School Lessons!

With Christmas fast approaching, you’re probably shopping everywhere to find perfect gifts for the kids. If you want to give something fun and engaging that’s pretty cool and useful, you might like to consider music lessons.

At the All Star Rock School, we have gift vouchers that can be put towards lessons. They’re great for bands, singers, bass players, budding drummers and guitarists who want to learn more. Whether your child is a beginner or already knows what they’re doing, our aim is to provide the right, nurturing environment that gets kids and teenagers really motivated.

Sadly, schools are often less focused on kids learning a musical instrument or training their vocal cords, let alone performing together in a band than they were just a few decades ago.

The good news is that there are plenty of choices outside the normal curriculum for kids to have some fun with music and it has a number of benefits.

MUSIC Builds Confidence

While they can be difficult to learn, as a child or teenager gets the hang of playing an instrument, they become a lot more confident. Being able to string a few cords together is amazing. Learning how to hit the right beat on a set of drums can be absolutely fantastic.

At the All Star Rock School, our aim is to make everything engaging and relevant. It’s not always just about learning to play different cords or hitting the right note. Music should be fun too. Our tuition doesn’t just cover learning an instrument, it can also focus on performing live and learning about the music industry.

Creative children

Encouraging creativity is really important for personal development. Whether it’s playing in a band or learning an instrument, there’s actually a good deal of evidence that music training can have a significant impact on learning in general and improving memory.

For example, one study showed that students who had music lessons had higher SAT scores than those who didn’t.

As a student’s musical talent begin to develop, it naturally leads to greater creativity. Someone who learns to play the guitar may start writing their own music and experiment with lyrics. This kind of creativity often spills over into other activities such as art.

We often get focused on possessions and things, especially at Christmas times. What really makes us happy, however, are great experiences. That’s what giving a All Star Rock School voucher can bring.

Being Social

Learning an instrument or working on your vocals is often seen as a solitary pursuit but learning about music is also a great opportunity to build communication skills and develop social networks.

At the All Star Rock School, we often see kids coming together to form long-lasting relationships and sharing and learning from each other.

Their enthusiasm for music and friendship is something they can take with them through the rest of their lives. Kids who have been learning an instrument on their own often suddenly find a renewed excitement and eagerness once they start playing in a band with others.

Get Rock School Vouchers for Christmas

The great thing about the All Star Rock School is that it’s relevant to kids and teenagers. Rather than being stuck with stuffy music lessons, they learn to play or sing their favourite songs and get a real buzz.

We have schools in Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford and offer lessons for absolute beginners as well as more accomplished rockers. If you’re searching for a great gift for Christmas, our vouchers are the perfect little stocking filler to kickstart their creativity.

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