Rock Music Tuition the All Star Way!
Posted on January 23, 2020

It’s amazing what you can learn in hour…

Take a look at our Chelmsford Rock School students after just over an hour of the first session –  HERE!

Here’s some of our new Chelmsford students performing after their first session at the All Star Rock School. Our Rock School gives students aged from 6 – 18+ the opportunity to pick up and instrument and just play, no experience is necessary, we just need them to have a desire to learn and perform and all equipment is provided.

Our experience professional music tutors give students the confidence and the skills to perform on stage in one of our many gigs. Giving students this opportunity is just the most rewarding experience.

We’re moving forward this year with more schools in more areas, so if you know a venue, a great musical tutor or even a student who wants to learn to play, we’d love to know!