Rock School Christmas Concert 2019
Posted on December 17, 2019

On Saturday December 14th our students rocked to a sold out audience.

We created our music schools to create to deliver engaging, fun spaces for students of all abilities to learn instruments, perform on stage and make great new friends. Saturday was the culmination of the hard work by our students and tutors as we held our Christmas concert.

40 students and almost 200 friends and family packed out the venue. In a little over 10 weeks our students aged 6 to 18 learned 18 rock tracks building up the confidence to stand on stage and perform.

We’ve got some really talented musicians but we’re so proud of those students who joined us as complete beginners and who played their hearts out. So many smiles and proud parents, our students are now rock stars!

Thanks also, to our incredible tutors and the schools and music departments who support us.


Christmas Concert