Staying Safe Online While Livestreaming
Posted on April 12, 2020

staying safe online while livestreaming

With many children services going online it’s important to remember the need to keep young people safe online. Livestreaming is a valuable medium to connect young people with educational and fun activities as well as keeping them connected with each other but there are steps we should all take to ensure this is done safely.


In this post we’re outlining the steps we take to ensure we’re creating a safe environment for our students, and steps on how our students can do the same while engaging with livestreaming services like ours.


What we’re doing

  • All our tutors hold a valid Enhanced DBS Check
  • We record all our online sessions
  • Only our management team can access the recordings and review sessions to ensure all guidance is being followed
  • Tutors wear uniforms when hosting livestreaming sessions
  • We’ve disabled the private chat feature from our system so that the tutor can see any messages sent by students during the session
  • Our sessions are only available by prior booking so we know who will be on each session and can manage the group sizes. Access is only possible through a link sent by us to booked students
  • We collect consent from parents and guardians so that we can use footage or images from the sessions


What you can do

  • Remember that you’re online in a group of people so don’t share any private or personal information
  • Be aware of the background in your livestream, you can activate a virtual background feature on our system to depersonalise your surroundings
  • Ensure that you and anyone else who can be seen in the background are dressed appropriately
  • Remember that you have control over sharing your audio and video with the group at all times, if you feel uncomfortable you can turn these off and still follow the session instructions in private
  • Ensure you provide a contact number when you’re booking your sessions so we can contact you if we need to discuss anything
  • If you’re unhappy about anything that happens online you should always tell someone. You can contact us to discuss our sessions in all the usual ways