Josh Locke
Josh Locke

Josh Locke has been no stranger to the stage, after performing on big stages from 3 years old it was a natural progression from stage to strings. At 11 he began playing guitar and started his first bands at 13.

Organising gigs, writing songs and practising was all he’s wanted to do and has done since. Now at 30, Josh has toured the world in multiple genres of bands from pop-punk to funk, from rockabilly to heavy metal, gypsy jazz, pirate sea shanties, you name it he can play it.

A grade 8 guitarist at 18, he has studied music performance and management from A level right up to bachelors degree and has taught for 13 years. Currently Josh can be found playing in J.S & the Lockerbillies who have been playing Glastonbury festival since 2016 and playing to sold out crowds across the UK and beyond.

Locations that Josh teaches

Ipswich Rock School

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